yoga for emotional fatigue

Yoga for Emotional Fatigue

June 17, 2020

I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted. 2020 has been an extra intense year. Starting this year with the Australian bushfires that wouldn’t quit feels like a metaphor for the entire year. Did you forget about the fires? Yeah. I did too.

I mean just a few months ago, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris were still running for president and defending the right of either of those women to be on the Democratic ticket, felt like a daily battle.

Oh yeah…it’s also an election year.

And we’ve also been managing so much of this at home because of a nasty and easily spreadable disease that makes being in the company of others, potentially unsafe.

Then in the space of 1 month, 3 black people were mercilessly killed by white people and police. This isn’t new. Black people have been terrorized and killed by white police officers since forever but the circumstances of their deaths combined with a simmering frustration with being stuck at home for months ignited a massive wake up call for white folks and a desire to create change. I hope it will stick.

It hasn’t stopped, though.

The intensity, I mean.

We’re not quite halfway through this year and it’s already epic in the amount of stress, both physical and emotional, many of us are experiencing.

Last week, I talked about wanting to make sure that my yoga offerings include better ways to support those of you who want and need it.

So this week I created a yoga practice for my YouTube channel called Yoga for Emotional Fatigue. It’s nearly 30 minutes long and the longest yoga practice I’ve shared since creating my channel nearly 3 years ago.

If you have 30 minutes, give yourself the gift of this class.

And while I realize yoga can’t fix everything nor do I believe that everyone has the ability to “take a break” from everything that is happening right now, I do believe that taking care of yourself makes a huge difference in your emotional wellbeing.

In that spirit, I’ve put together a list of YOGA videos from my YouTube channel that might offer you some relief.

Yoga for Emotional Fatigue

Yoga for Stressed Shoulders

Yoga for Core Support During Challenging Times

Yoga for Anxiety and Stress

Yoga for Stressed Moms

Yoga for Stress Relief and Chronic Fatigue

Summer Meditation

I’ve also put together a list of non-yoga videos and blogs that might help you with emotional fatigue.

Self-Care in Times of Tragedy and Grief

How to Handle Stress During a Crisis

Practices to Calm Your Nervous System

What to do When Life Throws You a Curveball


I want to reiterate that none of this is a stand-in for getting actual help, like working with a therapist or taking medicine. If you feel deeply depressed or even “have the blues” and can’t shake them, please seek professional help.

Yoga and meditation are fantastic. Moving your body and focusing your mind can be powerful practices that create the power to heal and ignite transformation.

Self-care is profoundly important. Tending to the nourishment of your soul through ritual, routine, and practice will change your life.

But don’t bury yourself in these if it’s hiding a serious wound that these practices alone can’t heal.


If you do want more yoga in your life, I have an online yoga studio.

2 of them, in fact.

The Conscious Healthy Collective, which features weekly live online yoga classes and a monthly bundle of pre-recorded yoga, meditation, and philosophy.

The Collective LITE which features 1 monthly live online yoga class and a monthly bundle of pre-recorded yoga, meditation, and philosophy.

If you want to join one of them but don’t have the financial security right now to make the monthly payments, please reach out to me directly.
You can use the code YOGASUPPORT to get your first month free and then I can change the amount for future payments based on need. Whatever you can afford, even if you currently can’t afford to pay.

Take care of yourself.

Let me know how I can support you as we move forward into the second half of 2020 together.

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