About Naomi

I’m Naomi.

A mom, yoga teacher, wellness coach, wife, and friend, but no matter which of these parts I’m playing, I always think of myself as a nurturer of transformation and growth.

I’m real. I allow myself to be vulnerable because I know that my vulnerability is also my strength. I also know that in sharing my own experiences, I will likely give other mamas and my yoga students the opportunity to share in those experiences and know they’re not alone. What we do matters. What we feel matters. I’m willing to share my fears, my insecurities, and my messes in service of acknowledging that I am not perfect and I’m ok with that. There is beauty in the messiness of life.dapibus.

Being honest and open about all of it, even in the ugly or less polished moments, is what creates connections across the things that could divide us. More than anything, I am interested and invested in connection and building community. If you take a step towards me, I will take 3 towards you. I believe that when we lift one another up, we lift ourselves up, too. We all need support like this. No one is an island, no matter how hard we might try.


The stronger we are as a community, whether we are a community of family, moms, or yogis, the more we can evolve personally and transform the world we live in, collectively.

I am inspired by our capacity to transform, to grow, and to evolve.

It’s one of my favorite things to witness in my students and clients, whether they’re on their mat or navigating healthier choices at home. Seeing someone recognize their potential and step into it is a powerful thing.

Giving someone the tools to tap into their strength and then watching them use it to transform their outlook on life, as well as their perception of themselves is a privilege.

Being on a journey with my students as they transition from who they are into you they are becoming is truly magical. It inspires me to be better. This is the best job in the world. I can’t imagine doing anything else.