Hi! I’m Naomi

I create simple, quick, fun movement practices to make daily movement easier for you to squeeze into the nooks and crannies of your busy life.

I had no idea what it meant to have “no time for me” until I had kids

By the time I was postpartum with my first child, I’d taught yoga and movement for a decade. And I still struggled with figuring out how to get moving again or to make space for myself while also trying to care for a tiny human.

It took me over a year to get into a rhythm with movement again.

It took me even longer to stop feeling guilty about it and to stop comparing it to my pre-mom life.

What changed was my relationship to movement and my approach to habits.

I am passionate about…

helping busy moms like you take better care of themselves so they can rewrite the story of what healthy motherhood feels like.

I don’t teach sun salutations or conventional classes.
I make the most of the short time we have on the mat together.
Curiosity and creativity inspire me.
I don’t create classes or programs to change how your body looks. I create classes and programs to change how you feel in your body.
I am not afraid to challenge expectations on or off the mat.
I want to start a revolution in motherhood and I want you to be a part of it.

Hey, I’m Naomi

I make it easier for you to get on your mat every day (or whenever you want to).

A little bit more about my background in movement.

I’ve always been an active person.
As a kid I was drawn to all sorts of movement activities.
At age 6, I was the 2nd tiniest kid on the basketball team.
By 7, I was taking ballet and added tap at 8.
In high school, I joined the volleyball team. All 5ft 2inches of me.
When I moved to NYC for college, I discovered yoga. At first, it was a way to try and relax. To adjust to college and life in New York. But the more I practiced, the more it became a lifeline to reclaiming my mental and physical health.
In 2004, I took 3 Immersions, to deepen my practice and understanding — 2 at Virayoga in NYC and 1 at Willow Street Yoga in MD.
In 2005 I took my first yoga teacher training (at Willow Street Yoga) and in the years since I have completed many, many others focusing on anatomy, physiology, trauma, therapeutics, and most recently, Yoga with Resistance Bands with Laurel Beversdorf.
I’ve also led several Yoga Teacher Trainings, Immersions, In-depth workshops, and Retreats.
Most recently, I am pursuing a certification in strength training to better support my students.
Yoga is fantastic, but it’s just one tool in a toolbox full of incredible movement options. Strength training is so essential, particularly for women, as we get older.
As a result, my classes are informed by the many modalities I have studied but primarily yoga, mobility, and strength training.

Happy Clients

In-home, on-demand yoga is my speed!-15-minute classes are my sweet spot. I find I can squeeze those into my day. I also love your 8 minute flows – so fun!


Thanks for all you did this year. It was a really tough year and it would have been even harder without you and the community you have built with MOVE. You provided a glimmer of hope in the darkness!


It’s great to be able to do one or two 8-minute flows that feel as good as a 60-minute class. I love yoga when it’s strong and creative and fun and your classes are all of those things.