Yoga with a Toddler

Have you ever tried to do yoga with a toddler? If you’re a mom and you practice yoga, I’m guessing you have. And probably it’s less that you’ve tried and more that your [...]

Self-Care is Hard work

Self-care is hard work. And it’s about time we collectively acknowledge this. The common belief is that self-care should be easy. If self-care is hard work, how could it also be care? Let me set [...]

Yoga for a Bikini Body

I don’t remember when exactly I decided I didn’t like wearing bathing suits but I do remember the first time someone publicly commented about my body in a nasty, negative way. A boy at my Hebrew [...]

Things you won’t hear me say

“Suck in your tummy.” “Tighten your core.” “Engage your abs.” “Imagine you’re wearing a corset.” “Pull your navel to your spine.” “Flatten your low back to the floor.” “Tuck your tailbone.” These [...]