Movement for Healthy Shoulders

6 weeks to stronger, more supportive shoulders

I have an important question for you:

How do your shoulders feel?

I’m asking because I know that this is an area of your body that tends to hold all of our tension and stress.

You might feel like your shoulders never seem to relax. They’re always bunched up towards your ears and

Instead of neck muscles you’re sure you have steel cables.

And despite the tightness, you don’t feel strong. You feel the opposite of strong and avoid weight-bearing poses like plank or even worse, arm balances, because you hate feeling weak.

I want to help you change that.

I want to teach you how to strengthen your shoulders, while also learning ways to create relief from tension by making shoulder work fun, easy, and effective.

It’s easier than you think and I can teach you how.

You are in the right place if:

You frequently feel your stress in your shoulders
You don’t feel confident about your upper body strength
Your shoulder joints often feel tight or tense or stiff or stuck
You don’t feel as strong as you want to
You’re bored with conventional shoulder work
Your whole body is happier with more consistent movement

If you are consistent with these practices, in 6 weeks you will feel:

A greater baseline for strength in your shoulders and upper body
Reduced pain in your neck and shoulders
Increased mobility in your shoulders and upper spine
Stronger everyday movements (like picking up your kids or groceries with greater ease or lifting any heavy object)
More confidence trying arm balances and inversions
Tools for relieving stress and tension
A renewed commitment to your movement practice

Adding your classes into my routine did wonders for my back and neck issues. Plus, they are really fun!


Your Tools and Support for Your Shoulders from Me

28 videos, all between 10 and 20 minutes long

Daily or weekly emails from me with your videos for the week (you get to choose how often you hear from me).

The emails will help keep you on track, plus you’ll receive evidence-based tips and support for committing to a daily or simply more consistent practice.

DIY version: a page with all of the videos so you can practice them whenever you want, in the order you want, as often as you want

I had horrible pains in my neck and upper back. These classes and the shoulders focus helped so much. Thank you!



I know how busy you are. You want to be able to create change in your body but you don’t have a lot of time.

I get it. I’m a mom of 3.

I created these practices to be quick and efficient.

All of these videos are less than 20-minutes long.

You don’t need loads of time or fancy equipment or fancy yoga pants (although those can be fun).

All you need is to commit to yourself for a few minutes everyday on your mat.

Easy peasy downdog squeezey.


I created 3 specific movement paths within this program:
Strength-building with hand weight | Creative and dynamic mobility work | Restore and recover
These 3 movement paths cover the basics of shoulder health.
Each week you’ll work on these 3 paths in slightly different ways, one day and one practice at a time.

For the STRENGTH CLASSES, you’ll start in a basic-level approach to a strength-based, shoulder-specific exercise with hand weights. After 2 weeks with those basic level exercises, you’ll have the opportunity to step up to a slightly more challenging version of that exercise or stay working where you are.

For the MOBILITY CLASSES, you’ll incorporate mobility exercises into sequences that make shoulder movement both fun as well as effective.

Over the course of the program, these practices increase in challenge. You’ll also do some of them more than once.
You will do a brief warm up and cool down in the strength and mobility classes, but the majority of the time spent during these practices is focused on your shoulders.

The RESTORE AND RECOVER CLASSES are intended to help you relieve stress and relax after more the dynamic and challenging classes.

The fact that the classes are short made it possible for me to do this program. I really loved the creativity of the classes and your sequencing. And your personality coming through.
Focusing on one area over time was really beneficial for me.



While I encourage you to move your body daily, which is why I’ve created this as a 6-week, daily practice program, I also understand that sometimes that just might not be possible.
I will give you a weekly focus and daily tips helping you to integrate these practices into your everyday routines.
And also, if you need a break, missing a day and a practice, it’s no big deal. There’s another one coming at you the following day.

The idea is to have access to practices easily, in your inbox and at your fingertips, when you are ready for them.

I like how it is progressive so I can gradually build strength.I feel stronger and more open in my shoulders! Also I love having these tools to continue getting stronger.


I have a few special BONUS gifts for you, too

If you sign up before October 22nd, I’ll offer you 3 things to keep you busy until the program officially begins on November 1st:

6 of my favorite shoulder-focused classes from my online archives, spread out every few days to get you moving

Access to all of the live classes in my online studio, MOVE with Naomi through October for FREE
A selection of 3 meditations to help keep you grounded and steady heading into the holiday season

I just finished the first week of videos and I already feel like I have much more energy. Doing them in the morning makes me want to move more throughout the day. The 10-15 minute classes are perfect for my life right now!.


Don’t just take it from me.

Read a little bit about what my students have to say.

These are a few peeps who’ve taken my classes and have had some powerful, positive experiences.

“I recommend Naomi’s yoga classes to everyone! She is an amazing yoga instructor and has really inspired me to commit to yoga every day. My body feels so much better since I started doing yoga with Naomi!”

“Naomi is a yoga teacher to whom I would attribute the most credibility. I like her technique as well as her personality. I have yet to find a better teacher.”

“I love the way you teach – so much really good movement that is exactly the right combination of ‘that’s awesome, my body knows exactly how to do that’ and ‘wait, what?’ My body and mind love every minute of it. Thank you.”

So are you in?

Are you ready to give your shoulders the attention they need?
Are you ready to feel stronger in your upper body?
Are you ready to feel more freedom and ease in your shoulders and neck?

If you are, click on the link below and join me for 6 weeks of movement practices for stronger, more supportive shoulders.

You’re going to love it. Promise.

Hi! I’m Naomi

Have we met? I create simple, quick, fun movement practices to make daily movement easier for you to squeeze into the nooks and crannies of your busy life. I know all about making the most of the time I have, as a mom of 3. Let me help you get back on track with a simple, fun, daily movement practice.