More balance & beauty
amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life
Surrender to the wild, busy, and mess
and commit to the nourishment, clarity, and beauty.
Transform Chaos to Calm
Yoga. Meditation. Intention. Joy.

My passion is to empower busy moms to take better care of themselves so they can rewrite the story of what healthy motherhood feels like.

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I help moms find more balance and beauty amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And because I’m a mom, I know all about the hustle and bustle.

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Here’s what I know to be true…

Life is busy.
Life is wild.

Sometimes, life is even messy. We do the best we can to nourish our family’s physical, mental, and spiritual health. And you know what? Sometimes that is really hard!

It’s time to surrender.

When we surrender to the world, to the busy, and to the mess, and just commit to the nourishment, there is so much clarity and beauty to be found.

It’s the refocusing of our commitment that allows us to piece together the mess, beautiful moments to create a nourishing masterpiece.

Allow the mess. Commit to the nourishment. Create the conscious, healthy masterpiece.

Happy Clients…

  • “Working with Naomi has shifted my dedication to self-care.  I needed this to help me streamline my behavior and switch my focus for good. Keeping strong in purpose and always staying open to exploration for improvement.”

    Anna Sullivan
  • “Through this program, attempting and cultivating various habits and ideas have allowed me to take more ownership of my life. I can choose how I want to engage (or not) with my work/parenting/relationships. I still feel guilt, but I'm able to use that to make different choices rather than use it to fall into the self-hatred spiral. I have more strength, more energy, and on the days when I don't feel super energized or motivated, I have tools I can rely on to get me through the day without overly depleting myself or feeling like I've wasted the day.”

    Nicole McClam
    Nicole McClam
  • "Naomi has created a program that allowed me to be more mindful in multiple ways--with my habits, my community, my family and myself. The awareness I gained during the program was just the first step towards leading my best life. The emphasis was always on taking small steps forward and staying consistent. That perspective has been invaluable and made the small steps I've taken towards greater patience and kindness with myself possible. If you are looking for a practical and eye-opening program with lots of group and leader support along the way, Conscious Healthy Mama programs do just that."

    Alexa Polmer
    Alexa Polmer
  • “As much as I'd like to be Super Woman, I'm just me, some Mom. Working with Naomi in her Conscious Healthy Mama programs has helped me to love myself a bit more and be the Mama I want to be even during those times of juggling every ball and then some. The tools provided in the class have often come up as solutions in my brain during some of my deepest, "I need to help me!" times as a mother.  Naomi's gentle approach allows the content to be easily digested. She's incredibly supportive, as well. The class and program is a must do for any Mom. We all benefit from the community and from loving ourselves. What she does has positively impacted me and our family. It's made me better. I believe in it. Even if it's five minutes,” the reminder of necessary, daily self-care makes all the difference.”

    Wendy Ennis
    Wendy Ennis
  • "Working with Naomi is one of the most powerful things I have ever done for myself. Participating in her Essentials course helped me make all of those desires and things about my pre-mom life that I missed and always dreamed about reincorporating into my life, a reality.  I actually found pockets of time in my life that I would have sworn did not exist. And I actually found myself twiddling my thumbs for the first time in seven years last week. I highly highly, highly recommend this course!!!"

    Adrienne Stohr Lewis
    Adrienne Stohr Lewis
  • “With type A propensities, I've had to learn to be sweet to myself and really get that this stuff takes time. The ongoing coaching and access to the course materials after the program were important components for me, and they provided the support I needed to create lasting change. I'm excited to be on this new journey!

    Andrea Messina
    Andrea Messina