The Daily 5

28 days to a daily movement practice that is fun, easy, and stress-free!

Do you feel like you are too busy to move your body?

(even though you really, really want to)

I know exactly how hard it can be to get moving when you have every possible obstacle in your path.

School lunches won’t make themselves.

The groceries can only sit out for so long.

Work can’t wait because your mortgage won’t either.

There’s always some event or class or errand that needs shuttling to and you are the official designated driver, every single time.

You want something to be easy but everything feels hard.

And even though you want to move your body because you know it would make you feel better, you just can’t seem to find the time because you’re supposed to workout for at least 30 minutes (or that’s what you remember Shape magazine said the last time you read it which was awhile ago, but still)

But what if it was easy to get moving every day?

What if it was not only easy, but really fun?

That’s where the Daily 5 comes in.


I want to teach you how to get on your mat everyday without feeling pressure or stress.

I want to help you fall in love with moving your body.
And I want to make it so easy, you can’t possibly not do it.

It took me even longer to stop feeling guilty about it and to stop comparing it to my pre-mom life.

So I decided to see how easy I could make daily movement for myself and everything changed.

Gosh, I love these! I’m baffled by how expertly you cram such good stuff in just 5 minutes.
Thanks for the easy win every day.


Here’s how the Daily 5 works:

Everyday for 28 days you’ll receive a pre-recorded 5 minute yoga flow, bodyweight workout, or a strength-based workout with weights in your inbox.
You’ll receive daily habit science tips and simple actions to help make it more possible for you get on the mat throughout the Daily 5 and every day after it’s over!
You’ll receive built-in accountability actions to motivate you to complete each daily practice

You’ll get an extra 7 days of videos and encouragement to help you continue to build your daily movement practice.

I love the idea of the daily 5. So tiny and yet so good.
The 5-minute thing so utterly works for me. I’m really glad I signed up.


This 28-day program will get you back on track

Here’s the thing: Sometimes 5 minutes is all you really need.

Especially when you’re out of practice.

Especially when it feels hard to squeeze movement into your over-scheduled life.

In the Daily 5, I’ll share a wide range of practices that target every area of your body.
Some of these 5 minute classes will get you all sweaty in just 5 minutes.
And all of them will have you smiling when you’re done.

These classes will be quick and creative and effective.

I will give you the tools you need to continue on after the program is over and I am only an email away when you need support.

That’s a promise.

Thank you for putting this program together. For 30 consecutive mornings, I’ve started my day with yoga. I feel fabulous. You have gotten me back on track. Thank you for getting me back on my mat.


So are you in?

Are you ready to get moving every day?

If you are, click on the link below and join me for 28-days of fun, creative, and quick movement practices.

You’re going to love it. Promise.

Hi! I’m Naomi

Have we met? I create simple, quick, fun movement practices to make daily movement easier for you to squeeze into the nooks and crannies of your busy life. I know all about making the most of the time I have, as a mom of 3. Let me help you get back on track with a simple, fun, daily movement practice.