Yoga for a Hot Mom Body

Are you a mom? Do you have a body? I think you’ll love yoga for a hot mom body. In this class, you’re not using yoga to create a hot mom body. You already have one of those. This yoga [...]


5 Lessons I Learned From Joining Someone Else’s Online Yoga Studio

I don’t know if you know this, but I’ve had on online yoga/movement studio for a long time now. I opened the doors of my online studio almost 4 years ago, after a year of testing the [...]


Hands-Free Crow Pose Options

Do you avoid crow pose because it bugs your wrists? Or your elbows feel a little funky. Or maybe you don’t feel strong enough yet in your upper body. What if I said you could do a [...]


Breaking up with Cat/Cow Pose

When was the last time you took a yoga class that started with something other than cat/cow? Or savasana? Or a sun salutation? In my 2 decades of taking yoga classes, these are the most common [...]


Restorative Yoga for Moms of Young Kids

Do you give yourself time to rest and restore? I didn’t always. In fact, if you asked me before I had kids, I would have said that restorative yoga poses are fantastic but they’re not [...]


A Workout You Can Do in Your Kitchen

When I lived in my first apartment in Maryland, my kitchen was tiny. It was painted yellow and I had a picture of Frida Kahlo on the only wall space that was not cabinets. It was only large [...]


How to do yoga in tight spaces

This summer, my family traveled across the country twice. This double adventure meant we spent a lot of time in hotels, which are notoriously difficult spaces to have a movement practice of any [...]


5 Ways You Can Improve Your Balance

Years ago, I had a student who would get angry every time I taught balancing poses. Maybe angry is a little strong — she didn’t throw blocks at me when I’d suggest warrior 3. But she’d grumble [...]


Leg Cramps are a Total Drag

Leg cramps are a total drag. If you’ve never had them, you might be totally unaware of this problem, so I’m going to give you the inside info. Leg cramps are a total drag. [...]


Back to School Yoga for Kids (and Adults)

This Monday, my oldest returned to school in person for the first time since March 2020. She was so excited, she was ready 35 minutes before her bus arrived. My emotions were a little more mixed. [...]