10 reasons your hips need yoga

10 Reasons Your Hips Need Yoga

November 21, 2019

As I write this, I am holding and cuddling a sick baby who doesn’t want to be put down.
I’ve been holding her for hours.
I am happy to be able to hold her and give her what comfort I can, but it’s exhausting for my body.

One of the things that has saved my low back is doing some of my favorite hips-focused movements while holding her.

This is one of the reasons my hips ALWAYS need yoga.

There are actually lots of reasons why my hips need yoga.

These are my Top 10 Reasons My Hips (and Yours) Need Yoga

1. So I can get down on the ground to play with my kids and get back up again with ease. I’d like to be able to do this if I someday have grandchildren, too.

2. So I can lift and carry heavy things. Like lifting my sleeping child off of the floor and putting her in bed.

3. So I can sit more comfortably during the impeachment hearings and jump up to yell, “hooray” without pain.

4. So I can pick up all of the legos off the floor before I step on them. Better yet, I need to get my kids to do that.

5. So I can sleep through the night without waking up in pain.

6. So I can dance forever

7. So I can reach under the couch for that one toy that is always getting stuck or lost underneath it.

8. So I can climb trees for as long as I want.

9. So I can trample the patriarchy. Always.

10. So I can feel pain free now and always. And so I can have the tools to recover and heal if I am injured.

I could give you at least 5 more reasons, too.

👉🏼Like staying grounded and sane through the holiday season.

👉🏼Or having the ability to sit in meditation without feeling achy in my back.

👉🏼Or feeling a stronger connection from my center throughout my limbs.

👉🏼Or having more freedom and ease with my movements.

👉🏼Or just having more confidence with my balance.

What are the reasons your hips need yoga?

I’ll bet you have some reasons why you need yoga for your hips this season. Some of them might be specific to the end of the year holidays and some of them might just be basic — like wanting to be pain free or move more easily.

I get it.

Your hips play a huge part in your whole body health because your pelvis is what connects everything — the actions of your upper body to your lower body and vice versa.

Having healthy hips can make a huge difference when it comes to feel capable and strong, steady and comfortable.

Healthy hips can determine how much you enjoy your life.

So tell me! What are the reasons your hips need yoga?

Let’s add to this list!

And if you want to give your hips more love and attention, check out my brand new Yoga for Healthy Hips program!

18 yoga videos, all less than 15-minutes long and designed to target every area of your hips through simple, effective actions!


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