yoga for healthy hips

How do your hips feel right now?

Be honest, because we both know those hips don’t lie.

I’m asking because I know that this is an area of your body that might be the source of everyday discomfort. Maybe even pain.

You might write this off as normal. As in, “it’s normal for my hips to feel a little stiff if I’m sitting in a chair all day.”
Or “it’s normal to have trouble falling asleep at night because your tight hips just won’t let you get comfortable.”
Or, “it’s normal to take ibuprofen in the morning with my coffee so my hips don’t ache through the day.”

Maybe your hips don’t give you that much grief.
But you’d like to move more easily than you do.
You want more swivel in your hips.

I mean, really you’d just be happy to be able to get down on the floor to play with your kids without making noises usually only heard on the professional tennis circuit.

I want to help you with that.

I want to teach you how to use your hips more effectively so you increase your strength, stability, and range of motion.
I want you to learn simple ways to move your hips with more ease so your whole body feels stronger and more connected.

It’s easier than you think and I can teach you how.

You are in the right place if:

✔ Your hips often feel tight and stiff

✔ You have consistent, nagging low back pain

✔  Your body never really healed or felt strong again postpartum

✔ You dread getting down on the floor to play with your kids because it’s uncomfortable. And you’re worried you might not be able to get back up.

✔ You don’t feel as awesome in your body as you want to

✔ You’re not as active as you’d like to be

✔ You sometimes have trouble falling asleep because your hips feel so uncomfortable. And sometimes you wake up in pain.

✔ You’re bored with the typical “hip openers” you see in every other yoga class

If you are consistent with these videos and practices, in 5 weeks you will feel:

✔ More strength, stability, and support in your hips.

✔ Reduced pain in your low back.

✔ Move your body with greater ease.

✔ Stronger and more coordinated everyday movements (like playing with your kids on the floor with ease or a flight of stairs).

✔ Better posture.

✔ Better balance and body stability.

✔ Healthier and more confident in your body.

✔ A re-energized commitment to your yoga practice!

Why does having healthy hips matter?

Having strong, open, healthy hips matters because your hips sit right in the center of your body. Your pelvis (aka your hip bones and joints) connects your lower body to your upper body.

When your hips are not healthy, you probably experience discomfort or even pain. You might feel instability or a lack of mobility. And hip pain doesn’t just stay in your hips; it can trigger a chain of misalignment throughout your body.

It can make life less enjoyable because you can’t do all of the things you want to do.

Plus, if you don’t start paying attention to your hips now, it doesn’t get easier as you get older.

I know it can be hard to believe that the health of your hips can make that much of an impact in your body, but it’s true.

You deserve to be able to enjoy your life, not just now but 10 years from now. 20 years from now. However many years from now..

Your Tools and Support for Your Hips from Me

✔ 12 videos, all less than 15 minutes long.

✔ Weekly emails from me with your videos of the week, plus suggestions and support for implementing these hips-focused practices. The videos are intentionally sequenced, building progressively from simpler actions into one that are more dynamic and complex. The emails will help keep you on track, so you are practicing more consistently.

✔ DIY version: a page with all of the videos so you can practice them whenever you want, in the order you want, as often as you want.

✔ 5  Extra Videos from the Healthy Hips Everyday Challenge, with creative, out-of-the-box hips-focused practices that help lay the foundation for the essential ways to move your hips. You’ll receive these once a week to compliment the weekly classes in the Healthy Hips series.

✔ 2 special videos: How to Squat Safely and Hip Anatomy Basics

And here’s the thing:

I know how busy you are. You want to be able to create change in your body but you don’t have a lot of time.

I get it. I’m a mom of 3.

I created these practices to be quick and efficient.

All of these videos are less than 15-minutes long.

Some are less than 10 minutes long.

You don’t need loads of time or special yoga props or fancy yoga pants (although those can be fun).

All you need is to commit to yourself for a few minutes everyday on your mat.

Easy peasy hamstrings squeezey.

The Current Line-Up

All of this awesomeness can be yours for just $97!

You will also receive a FREE month of access to my online yoga studios, the Collective or the Collective LITE.
I believe that while focusing on your hips will have incredible benefits, it’s only one aspect of whole body strength and health. Having access to a variety of yoga classes will give you a more dynamic and whole body approach to stronger, healthier hips.

Sounds too good to be true?

Don’t just take it from me.

Read a little bit about what my students have to say.

These are a few peeps who’ve taken my classes and have had some powerful, positive experiences.

But wait, there’s more!


If you buy this program by November 30th, you also get these sweet bonuses:

5-Class Live Online Series: Weekly Classes focused on Hips

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Yoga Flow Series: 10-15 minute Flow Practices for Hips

3 things you can do everyday to increase your hip health

Yoga for Healthy Ankles: A 3 Part Video Series

yoga for healthy ankles

Winter Wellness Audio: How to Turn Up Your Self-Care to Avoid Holiday Burnout

Winter Wellness Audio: How to Avoid the Cold Weather Crud Using Ayurveda

“I recommend Naomi’s yoga classes to everyone! She is an amazing yoga instructor and has really inspired me to commit to yoga every day. My body feels so much better since I started doing yoga with Naomi!”

~Julia Russell

“After just one of Naomi’s online yoga classes, a pain pattern I’ve had for the better part of a year unravelled. Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe it.”

~Latoya French

“I love the flow of Naomi’s classes and how the earlier movement builds up to a pose or a goal. Adding your classes into my routine did wonders for some of my back and neck issues. Plus they are really fun.”

~Darcy Patankul

So are you ready for Healthy Hips?

Let’s do this together so you can feel stronger, more connected, and move with more ease starting today!