yoga poses for labor and delivery

Yoga Poses for Labor and Delivery

October 6, 2019

Yoga can be wonderful when preparing for labor and delivery. I’ve created a sequence of yoga poses for labor and delivery that can offer you support when you’re prepping for birth, as well as when you’re actually in labor!

These are poses I’ve used in my own experiences of giving birth and have worked really well.

The poses I share are also ones I practiced in my third trimester as my body started to prepare for giving birth.

You can practice this as a sequence or select specific poses that feel good for you.

You don’t need any previous yoga experience to benefit from these poses, either. All you need is a little time to test these poses out to see how they feel in your body.

You will need a chair or a wall for some of these poses. You can also sit on the edge of your bed or use a countertop!

Try these yoga poses for labor and delivery to help make your final weeks of pregnancy a little easier. And maybe even birth, too!

This video and the poses in it are suitable for all stages of pregnancy.
As always, please check-in with your primary care giver (doctor or midwife) before beginning a yoga practice, if you’ve never practiced yoga prior to pregnancy.

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