Prenatal Yoga Favorites

Congratulations on your pregnancy, Yoga Mama!

Now that you’re moving for 2, you might be wondering “what’s the best yoga for me to do?”

There’s all sorts of information out there about what you can and can’t do while you’re pregnant, so I want to simplify that for you.

As a mama who has been pregnant 3 times and practiced throughout each pregnancy, I know what feels really good and what doesn’t.

And as an experienced yoga teacher (14 years and counting), I know how to walk you through these poses with simple, clear, and effective instructions so you will feel safe, strong, and empowered when you step onto your mat.

I want to share this knowledge and experience with you.

Best part: These prenatal yoga favorites are my treat. Think of them as your first baby shower gift, with love from one yoga mama to another.

prenatal yoga favorites

What To Expect

Each of the classes in my Prenatal Yoga Favorites Series is less than 10 minutes long, giving you a quick and satisfying yoga practice that you can do even on a busy day.

In each class, I’ll share a few of my favorite prenatal poses and how they will benefit your body during your pregnancy.

These favorite poses are suitable for your entire pregnancy, so you won’t have any trouble practicing them whether you’re 8 weeks pregnant or 18 weeks pregnant or 38 weeks pregnant!

My Prenatal Yoga Favorites

You’ll also receive 3 bonus videos!

yoga for low back relief during pregnancy

What You'll Need

You’ll need a yoga mat and 2 blocks for these classes. A blanket might come in handy, too for under your hips or knees.

If you don’t have a yoga block or blanket, yet, no worries. You can use a sturdy water bottle or a stack of books for the block. And you can use a thick towel or a pillow for the blankets.

So are you ready to get on your yoga mat with my favorite yoga poses for pregnancy?