yoga for low back relief during pregnancy

Yoga for Low Back Relief During Pregnancy

September 8, 2019

Here is some yoga for low back relief during pregnancy. Whether you’re in your first, second, or third trimester, these poses will help with one of the most common experiences of physical discomfort in pregnancy: back pain.

In this video I’ll share a few simple poses you can do and a few basic actions you can take to relieve some of the back pain you might be experiencing during your pregnancy.

You’ll need a chair or a wall, as well as a block to support you in these poses!

When you use yoga for low back relief during pregnancy, you’re giving yourself powerful tools for healing.

Please Note: This video and the poses in it are suitable for all stages of pregnancy.
As always, please check-in with your primary care giver (doctor or midwife) before beginning a yoga practice, if you’ve never practiced yoga prior to pregnancy.

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