Mommy and Me Yoga: Kids Ages 2-4

June 23, 2019

For those times you want to get on your yoga mat and your toddler wants to join you, here’s another Mommy and Me yoga practice.

This quick practice is great for kids ages 2-4 or for younger kids you can wear in a baby carrier.

Since most kids have a really short attention span, this Mommy and Me yoga practice is just 7 minutes long. This quick practice shows you ways you can easily incorporate your favorite little yogi into your yoga. It’s perfect for a little burst of yoga in the middle of your day or to get your yoga practice started before your kid decides to bail.

This particular practice will give you some great standing poses and hip openers. You’ll also do some fantastic side body stretching.

Not to mention, of course, some strength building since you’ll be carrying the extra weight of your adorable toddler!

And if you’d like to try meditation with your kids, check out this video right here.

You can also download my free guide for simple meditations you can do with your kids right here.

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