Springtime Meditation for Kids

May 19, 2019

You know that meditation is great fo you, but have you ever tried doing a meditation with your kids?

This meditation is a simple springtime meditation for kids, focusing on the energy of spring to help get your kids imagining how they will grow and bloom this season.

It’s a great one for you to do the same, too!

The meditation I share is about 9 minutes, but you could pick out little pieces of that meditation to try for a few smaller chunks at a time.

For example, you could use the imagery of bubbles in their bodies to help them do a body scan or you could have them imagine to be flowers, starting from their roots all the way up to the bloom at the crown of their heads.

3 minutes of meditation for kids at a time is great. Maybe 5. Anything longer than 10 and you’ll lose them.

You can use this meditation as a guide to create your own script to use with your kids. Or you can try this one and see how long your kids will hang with it. They might just enjoy watching my kids wiggle and sit and play, while I lead them through the meditation.

Either way, give this a shot and see how it goes to introduce meditation to your kiddos!


Want to do more meditation with your kids?

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