Sunrise Meditation

If you’re looking for a meditation you can do first thing in the morning, try this sunrise meditation. This meditation is great for helping to gently wake up your mind and body with the [...]


Springtime Meditation for Kids

You know that meditation is great fo you, but have you ever tried doing a meditation with your kids? This meditation is a simple springtime meditation for kids, focusing on the energy of spring [...]


Meditation for Moms: Everyday Ease

As a mom, one of the things I need most is to find ways I can create more room to breathe and feel less stressed. Meditation on its own doesn’t always do that. In my own meditation practice [...]


6 Meditation Myths, Busted!

Many years ago, when I was a brand new yoga teacher, I taught a class at my local YMCA and shared a story about my struggles with meditation. I had difficulty sitting without fidgeting. I [...]


Never Chop Onions Before You Meditate

Never chop onions before you meditate. I learned this lesson the hard way. Not once, but twice. You’d think once would have been enough or that it would be an obvious concept, but not for me. I [...]