Meditation for Moms: Everyday Ease

May 5, 2019

As a mom, one of the things I need most is to find ways I can create more room to breathe and feel less stressed. Meditation on its own doesn’t always do that. In my own meditation practice lately, I’ve been really focused on finding everyday ease.

The meditation I’ve been practicing is borrowed from and inspired by 2 fellow mamas who are doing amazing things in the world: Kate Northrup and Laura Thompson Brady.

I found this meditation in Kate’s book, Do Less and I’ve modified it slightly for my own practice and for you.

The meditation is very simple.

You begin with a mantra:

Today is going to be full of ease or today is going to be so easeful.

Then you ask yourself 3 questions:

1. What can I do to feel more ease today?

2. What can I do to feel more ease in this moment?

3. What can I let go of so I can feel more ease?


For each question, you can come up with a simple answer and action. The meditation itself only takes a few minutes and when I’m done, I always feel more clear headed.

I’m sharing this simple meditation with you so that you can find everyday ease in your own busy mom life.

I know that if you give this meditation a try, you’ll feel a little lighter and a lot more clear about how you can create more ease everyday.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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