sunrise meditation

Sunrise Meditation

October 13, 2019

If you’re looking for a meditation you can do first thing in the morning, try this sunrise meditation.

This meditation is great for helping to gently wake up your mind and body with the sun. It’s also a wonderful reminder that like the sun, you also rise every day.

This sunrise meditation is less than 10 minutes long and will give you some guided imagery to help turn your focus inward.

You’ll also have some space for your own reflection within the meditation.

As with all meditations, you can sit on the ground supported by blankets, in a comfortable cross-legged seat. Or you can sit on a chair with your feet resting evenly on the ground. You can also sit on your couch, in your bed, or anywhere that feels comfortable for you.

There is no wrong way to sit in meditation and no wrong way to meditate!

Enjoy this meditation as a way to remind yourself that like the sun, you too are light.

Got kids? Want to share some meditation with them?

If you’d like to try meditation with your kids, check out this video right here.

You can also download my free guide for simple meditations you can do with your kids right here.

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