5 Poses That Make Handstand Easier

When I first started practicing yoga, handstands weren’t the inversion of choice. This was 1999 in NYC. I practiced yoga at a random studio/loftspace/illegal housing situation in the East [...]


I’m not going back to teaching at a yoga studio anytime soon

My inbox is flooded lately with notices of studios reopening. Is yours, too? These are studios I’ve taken classes at all across the country from DC to Texas to Florida. I’m seeing it [...]


How to do Hard Things

It’s time for me to come clean about something. Don’t worry, I haven’t done anything illegal. I’m just avoiding doing something that I really want to do. You might not know this about me but I am [...]


Yoga is Essential

Yoga is essential. I’ve been saying this over and over to myself for the past 20 years. Sometimes I hear it louder than others, but it’s like a heartbeat to me. Yoga is essential. Yoga is [...]


Why I Do Core Work Everyday

At the beginning of April, I started doing core work everyday. This isn’t necessarily a huge deal for me. I love doing core work. I always have. Core work can be really fun and almost [...]


10 Reasons Your Hips Need Yoga

As I write this, I am holding and cuddling a sick baby who doesn’t want to be put down. I’ve been holding her for hours. HOURS. I am happy to be able to hold her and give her what [...]


Hip Mobility isn’t Just for Seniors

A few weeks ago I posted a question about hip mobility in a facebook group. One of the women who responded said, “mobility to me sounds like it is just for old people. As someone (who is) [...]


How to Squat Safely

Do you know how to squat safely? Squatting is one of the most fundamental ways to create strength and mobility for your hips. I want to make sure you can do them as efficiently and effectively as [...]


Babywearing Yoga

This babywearing yoga practice is for all of those times that you really want to move your body and your baby won’t let you put her down. Clocking in at just 15-minutes long, this yoga [...]


5 Creative Ways to do Half Moon Pose

Do you get bored of the whole triangle-to-half moon pose transition? Yeah, so do I. That’s why I created this quick yoga practice, 5 creative ways to do half moon pose. Each of these 5 [...]