you might be a yoga mom

You might be a yoga mom

February 3, 2021

How do you know you’re a yoga mom?

You might be a yoga mom, if you step on legos when you lunge.

Your yoga mat might be littered with cars, crumbs, or glitter if you’re a yoga mom.

In fact, you might be a yoga mom if your yoga mat doubles as a racetrack.

You are probably a yoga mom if your yoga mat is everyone’s favorite lunch spot.

And you are most definitely a yoga mom if everyone else, child or animal, is taking up more space on your yoga mat than you.

You’re likely a yoga mom if you are willing to practice anywhere and everywhere, just to squeeze in a practice.

The kitchen, the living room, and the bathroom all make good yoga spots.

You have been known to do yoga on your bed from time to time, too.

I created a reel on instagram showing some of these yoga mom experiences.

You can watch it here.

Humor is one of my love languages.

I use humor to connect with people, make them feel seen and comfortable, and build relationships.

It’s something I’ve done for as long as I can remember.

So I created this reel as a way to joke a bit about how challenging it can be to make time for yoga as a mom. Especially if your mat is also used as a racetrack, a lunchtable, or gathering spot.

My kids got in on the action.

They enjoyed setting up lego traps, car races, and being silly on camera.

It wasn’t until after I filmed the reel that I realized there are sometimes other, more subtle markers that you might be a yoga mom.

Like when you get angry and your 4 year old son suggests taking a few deep breaths.

Or when your 7 year old gets angry and storms off to take a break in her room. Later, when you’re on her computer to submit her remote school assignments, you discover she looked on YouTube for a “yoga for anger” class.

You also might be a yoga mom if all of your kids, at one point or another, have crawled into your lap during a meditation and just sat there, quietly and comfortably, until you open your eyes.

What I’ve discovered is just how much of this yoga practice has trickled down.

It’s a reminder to me that yoga isn’t just a physical practice.

Yoga, as a practice, has 8 limbs. Some of them have to do with interpersonal actions (yamas), while others are specifically personal actions (niyamas). Other limbs have to do with discernment or different methods for focusing your attention.

I see all of these as part of my life practice and so of course they filter into my mothering.

It’s so much easier to focus on the ways that kids make it hard for us to get on our mats. It’s funny and also not. But more than that, it’s relatable. Every mom I know has stepped on one too many legos or suffered a glitter explosion so extreme that years later, they’re still finding bits of glitter in their hair.

Motherhood is hilarious and hard.

The ability to laugh together about it makes us feel less alone.

I won’t ever stop laughing about the hard parts of motherhood.

But sometimes I also need to remind myself of the moments that show I haven’t failed quite as spectacularly or completely as I sometimes do.

I am not a perfect mom.

I don’t think anyone is (no matter how many followers they have on instagram).

I am a yoga mom.

And that is something I am proud of.

Are you a yoga mom, too?

Do you see some of these actions in your kids?

If you are a yoga mom and are having trouble finding the time or space to get on your mat, check out my free YOGA QUICKIES series.

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