Yoga Quickies

Do you struggle to make time for yoga?

Maybe you’ve convinced yourself that there just isn’t enough time in your day for a yoga practice.

I want to prove you wrong.

I created my Yoga Quickies series just for you.

This series of classes makes it almost ridiculously easy to get on your yoga mat everyday, even on the days you think you have no time.

Best part: These yoga quickies are my treat. You can jumpstart your yoga practice totally for FREE! No strings attached. Just some quick, fun, and satisfying yoga.

Yoga Quickies

What To Expect

yoga with kids

Each of the classes in the Yoga Quickies Series is just 5 minutes long.

The classes are intended for all levels, so if you’re newer to yoga you won’t be left in the dust. And if you’re more familiar with yoga, I promise you won’t be bored!

Over the course of the 7 classes, you’ll do a wide range of movement on your mat. So no matter what your body need (hips, shoulders, core, flow), you’ll get it!

Your Yoga Quickies

yoga quickies day 1
yoga quickies day 2
yoga quickies day 3
yoga quickies day 4
yoga quickies day 5
yoga quickies day 6
yoga quickies day 7

What You'll Need

All you’ll need for these classes is a yoga mat. If you have other props, that’s awesome. They might come in handy, too.

If you don’t have a yoga block or blanket, yet, no worries. You can use a sturdy water bottle or a stack of books for the block. And you can use a thick towel or a pillow for the blankets.

A few of the practices offer the option to use a chair. You can use a chair or your bed or the couch or even a table!

So are you ready for a quickie?