self-care for the post-holiday letdown

Ayurvedic Self-Care for the Post-Holiday Letdown

December 27, 2019

We’re smack in the middle of the very end of the year. Christmas is over, Hanukkah is still happening (but just 3 more nights), Kwanzaa has just kicked off, and the New Year is rushing right at us.

It’s a rough time of year. As the holidays wind down and the new year starts, it’s really easy to feel a post-holiday letdown.

There is so much build up to the end of the year holidays. The holidays themselves can be pretty wild and intense, too. Once they’re over, it’s pretty normal to feel a letdown. Sometimes this is just a drop in energy. Sometimes this can feel like the blues.

Either way, this time of year can be rough.

I don’t celebrate Christmas (we’re on team Hanukkah), but I still feel that big build up and the even bigger gap that follows when the holiday season is over.

There are a few ways I use self-care to gently come down from the holiday highs so that that lows aren’t quite so low.

These are my top 4 tips for Ayurvedic Self-Care for the Post-Holiday Letdown


First, I reflect on the holiday season. I chat with my kids and my husband about what we really loved. I reflect on how we spent our time. The big joys and the high points, as well as some of the things we wish we’d done differently. I also journal a bit about it. I go a bit more in depth when I journal. I share how my emotions felt through the holiday season. What worked for me, for my relationships, and for my professional well being.
I use this when I am ready to approach the holiday season again, next year.
This is a very Kapha practice, with a little vata thrown in for good measure.

Taking Stock

Next, I make space for taking stock, organizing, and paring down. Springtime is the more traditional time for this, but post-holiday is a great time, too.
This is compliments of pitta, which likes things to be clear and efficient and well-organized, especially heading into a new year.


Next, I give myself a little time to plan and dream. I consider what my goals are for the following year, big and small. I create practical goals, but I also allow myself to dream big. These goals are both personal and professional. I write these goals down and share them with trusted friends, my husband, and my business buddies.
Sometimes I even get a little creative with this. I’ll do a vision board or a vision journal. I’ll even get my kids involved and we spend an afternoon imagining the year ahead.
Visioning is the domain of vata, helping you tap into creativity and the excitement of beginning something new. A little pitta, too with the planning.

Routines and Habits

Finally, I ease back into being more consistent with my routines and habits, particularly if they slipped off a bit during the holiday season. I anchor especially into my nighttime and morning routines.
This helps me reconnect with what keeps me steady and strong all year round.
A little bit pitta, a little bit kapha.


These are the 4 ways I use self-care for the post-holiday letdown. I hope you find them useful as you shift out of the holidays and into the new year!

Got any to add?

Leave them in the comments below!


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