passive vs active range of motion

Passive and Active Range of Motion

October 20, 2019

Did you know there is a difference between passive and active range of motion when it comes to joint mobility and joint strength?

Well, now you do.

There is a big difference when you move your joints and muscles passively versus when you move them more actively.

One isn’t better than the other. They simply do different things and impact your body in different ways.

Think of it like this:

Usually when you do tree pose, you stand on one foot and lift the other foot up with your hand to bring it to your thigh. That’s passive range of motion and passive joint strength because you’re using your hand to lift your leg.

If you stand on one foot and lift the other foot up to place it wherever it lands on your thigh without using your hands, that’s active joint strength and range of motion.

That’s what I share in this video about passive and active range of motion.

It’s a quick video, clocking in at just 9-minutes long. And you can apply these ideas to more than just the poses I share in the video.


And if you’re really digging the specificity of this video, you can find more detailed anatomy-oriented videos like “How to Engage Your Core in Yoga” and “How to Stand Up From Sitting Without Using Your Hands” on my YouTube channel.

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