postpartum yoga for sore shoulders

Postpartum Yoga for Sore Shoulders

September 29, 2019

Caring for a newborn puts a lot of strain on your shoulders. This postpartum yoga for sore shoulders will help relieve some of the tightness you’re feeling.

In the first days and weeks after giving birth, your body will be slowly healing. You don’t do a lot of movement and you’re up at all hours feeding, changing, and comforting your new baby.

We often think of all the healing your lower body needs during this time because it does need quite a lot. What we don’t often think of is the strain your shoulders feel from holding, rocking, and carrying a baby.

While those newborns don’t weigh a lot, when you’re holding them for hours on end, your shoulders and neck will start to feel it.

This postpartum yoga for sore shoulders is gentle enough for new mamas still recovering and still provides some sweet relief for the stiffness you’re feeling from all of that care giving.

You’ll need 2 yoga blankets or very thick, stiff towels, as well as a block or a thick stack of hardcover books.


Note: Please check with your doctor or midwife to make sure you’re ready for movement again.
While none of the poses done here are super strenuous, the postpartum period requires lots of time for healing. If you’re not feeling ready, please give yourself more time to rest and recover before getting back on your yoga mat.


Feeling like you need a little more love for your shoulders? Check out my Yoga for Healthy Shoulders online yoga program. Get 8 videos targeting your shoulders and neck in different ways, all less than 10 minutes long — bite size yoga for your busy mom life! Get some sweet shoulder relief here.

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