Mommy and Me Yoga for Kids Age 2-4

May 26, 2019

Sometimes you want to get on your yoga mat and your kids want to join you. This mommy and me yoga practice is great for those times, especially if your kids are between the ages of 2 and 4.

This quick, 6 minute practice shows you ways you can easily incorporate your favorite little yogi into your yoga practice.

In this specific yoga practice, I focus on balancing poses and a little core strength.

Remember to be playful and have fun, knowing that this might not be a “traditional” yoga practice — and that’s ok. 6 minutes or so is about the limit your little yogi will likely have when it comes to doing yoga. After this little warm up, you might be free to do your own thing for a bit!

Enjoy this mommy and me yoga practice as a way to include your kiddo without sacrificing your own time on your yoga mat!

And if you’d like to try meditation with your kids, check out this video right here.

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