Mother’s Day Yoga

May 12, 2019

I believe Mother’s Day is everyday, but we as mom’s don’t always see it this way. I created this Mother’s Day Yoga practice so that you can give yourself some yoga love whenever you want it and need it.

This yoga practice is designed to give you a little bit of everything. You’ll do some side body stretching, some hip opening, a teensy bit of core work, and some lovely seated poses.

At the every end of the practice, I’ll give you time for a seated meditation and a restorative yoga pose.

Make sure that you make time for that final pose. Too often, we mamas overlook that absolute and utter necessity of rest. You need this time to recharge and to rebuild your body, brain, and heart.

You’ll need 2 blankets and 2 blocks for the restorative pose at the end.

Celebrate yourself with some Mother’s Day Yoga no matter what day it is!

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