Yoga for Busy Moms

December 10, 2018

It’s tough to get on that yoga mat sometimes, isn’t it mama? So many things pulling you in opposite directions every hour of the day makes the likelihood of getting on your yoga mat for a few, sweet minutes feel impossible. I hear you. And know what it feels like. So I created this Yoga for Busy Moms practice with you in mind.

This class is less than 12-minutes long.

You can squeeze it in while the kids are eating breakfast or before you sit down for your lunch.

The sequence I share in this Yoga for Busy Moms practice is simple, creative, and dynamic.

You’ll break a sweat, have a little fun, and you’ll definitely smile.

Just 12 minutes on your yoga mat will feel like a vacation from the non-stop, on-the-go feeling of your daily life.

Give yourself this gift of time for yourself.

You deserve it.

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