How to Survive the Summer with Style

June 27, 2018

As of Thursday last week, it is officially summer. It’s felt like summer pretty much every day since late-April here in New Mexico, but now that temperatures are regularly close to 100 degrees, I get it.

Summer. Is. Here.

Summer is pitta season, if you’re an Ayurveda fan like I am.

That means that this is the season of fire and water, 2 elements that basically fight against one another all of the time. Classic pitta.

Pitta is the dosha of transformation, challenge, courage, and confidence.

It’s also the dosha of aggression, intensity, overdoing, and burnout.

Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right?

Especially in the summer when it’s supposed to be chill and fun-filled and low stress and adventures and sleeping in and sunshine.

If you’re like me, you might have a tendency to want to do #allthethings all the time.

This is not the best strategy in peak pitta season. Heating up your schedule and your life when it’s already hot as the devil’s armpit outside is only going to lead to physical depletion, consistent crankiness, and certain burnout.

Definitely not the best summer ever.

I used to approach summer this way, trying to fill up my calendar with exciting adventures and constant activities, until I figured out that I didn’t want to go through summer like I was chasing my own tail.

So I made some shifts and decided to make my summer more enjoyable.

I’ve come up with some sweet ways to combat the summer heat, working with it instead of against it.

I created a pretty nifty PDF with my best tips to survive the summer and I want you to have it.

You can download it here for free.

Print it out, put it on your fridge, and have helpful self-care suggestions at your fingertips all summer long.

I also created a Summer Yoga Practice to Beat the Heat.

It’s the yoga practice for you to do when you really want to move your body but it’s so hot outside you’re afraid you’ll drown in your own sweat.

It’s a super fun, creative yoga practice that will keep you moving without making you drip with sweat.

You’ll feel worked, but not worn out.

You’ll feel refreshed and definitely not overheated.

Lots of hamstrings, side body stretching, forward folding, and a surprise backbend. This is the perfect yoga practice for summer, if I do say so myself.

Check it out here:

Now you have lots of ways to survive the summer with style, grace, and a little less sweat.


Go forth and have fun, sunshine warriors. Stay cool and enjoy all summer has to offer without burning out!


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