Treat Yo’Self

April 25, 2018

Have you ever watched the TV Series Parks and Rec? On the rare occasion that both kids are asleep before 8pm, Nathan and I will sometimes cuddle up on our pile of yoga props which double as a lo-fi couch and watch an episode or 2. The show is pretty hilarious.

There’s a bit in it that has gotten pretty famous and become a self-care catch phrase. The bit is called “Treat Yo’ Self,” in which 2 of the main characters spend one day a year lavishly taking care of and spending money on themselves. It’s not necessarily the funniest bit, but it’s one that I actually feel is the disconnect between the self-care we want to have and the self-care we can have.

Most people want the lavish, luxury style self-care “treats” that Donna and Tom give themselves one day a year and ignore the simpler self-care “treats” that you could give yourself easily and for free every single day.

One isn’t better than the other.

Treats are treats no matter what they look like.

What’s more important is how they make you feel.

Also, some treats are more geared towards a super luxury type of experience, which might not happen as frequently.

You can’t get a massage everyday, for example, although you can get a massage once a month or a few times a year. Treat Yo’Self.

You can give your feet a little massage every night before you go to bed. Treat Yo’Self.

If you’re looking for some ways to treat yourself to more yoga, you can’t go on a yoga retreat every weekend. You can plan ahead and go on a weekend yoga retreat with me this July. And you can get a massage while you’re there. There is one private room left, as well as double and triple room availability. When was the last time you took a weekend away for yourself? TREAT YO’SELF.

If you can’t wait until July to get more yoga in your life, join me every Wednesday at 2pm EST for a mini-retreat to stretch out your body and take a little yoga break. Put it on your calendar, tune-in, and join me on the matTREAT YO’SELF!

If you feel like you can’t get away for an entire weekend (I see you, fellow mamas), how about a day of yoga and nature and herb wisdom? I’ll be sharing a day-long retreat with plant-magic goddess Ashley Elenbaas on July 7th at Sky House Yoga. TREAT YO’SELF!

No matter how you treat yourself, make sure that you are making time for you. Whether it’s in those smaller, daily actions that make you feel more balanced or those lavish actions that make you feel totally pampered, give yourself some love today, tomorrow, and next week, too.

I hope to see you on the mat really soon. And also in July 🙂


Oh and if you’re feeling overworked and depleted and need to re-anchor yourself into self-care, check out my FREE 20-minute yoga class for Stress Relief on my YouTube Channel. Grounding, quieting, and calming.

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