Simple Cauliflower Soup

May 23, 2016

I’ve been craving soup lately. Likely it’s this March-like weather we’re having in May, here in the DC area. We’ve had rain nearly every day for the past 3 weeks. Temperatures have barely grazed the 60’s. Very unusual. Very chilly. Silver lining: perfect for curling up with a warm bowl of soup.

This is a spring cauliflower soup. Light, but still nicely filling. I think it’s flavorful enough to stand on it’s own. No need for bread to scoop out the remains or any add-ons like nuts or olives (although both would be nice additions), unless you really can’t do soup without them.

This soup is silky smooth and utterly delicious. Make it any night, even if it’s not raining or cold. You won’t be disappointed.


1 head cauliflower, floreted

2 small-medium potatoes, cut into small chunks

1 bunch of spring onions

1 Tbs coconut oil

1/2 tsp red pepper flakes ( (or more if you want it spicier)

2 tsp dried thyme

4 cups veg broth/stock or water

2 scoops coconut milk

1 Tbs lemon juice

salt/pepper to taste


Heat the oil in a large pot. Add in the spring onions and cook for 2 minutes until they’re soft. Add in the red pepper flakes, stir well and cook for 30 seconds more.

Add in the cauliflower, potatoes, and thyme. Stir it up until the cauliflower and potatoes are well smothered in the herbs and onions. Cook for a few minutes more, stirring well so the veggies don’t stick to the bottom of the pot, then add in the veg broth or water. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat, simmering (covered) until the veggies are soft, approximately 15 minutes.

Once the veggies are soft, allow the soup to cool a bit before blending. Combine soup and remaining ingredients in the blender. Blend until smooth. Add salt and pepper amd another squirt of lemon as needed to increase the flavor.


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