Conscious Healthy Mama Essentials

Let’s get real, Mama.

Mom life isn’t easy.

You want the best for your kids.

You want them to be healthy. You want them to be well rested and happy. You want them to explore the world and have time to do the things they love. You want them to learn how to take good care of themselves. You want them to become responsible, valuable citizens of the world. You do everything in your power as mom to make these things happen.

But here’s the important question:

Are you making sure you’re doing all of this for yourself, too?

mommy and me yoga

It’s so easy to prioritize the health and happiness of your children over your own. It’s a totally normal mom instinct.

The problem is that often you also neglect and ignore your own needs using #momlife as an excuse.

That’s not a good solution for anyone, including your kids.

This is why I created the Conscious Healthy Mama Essentials program.

I want to offer the tools and support moms need to take better care of themselves.nct.

Your health and happiness are essential, too, Mama.

You matter.

In order to take really great care of your kids, you also need to take exceptional care of yourself. You need to lead by example and show your kids how it’s done, not just martyr yourself on the altar of motherhood. You need a strong foundation of simple, healthy habits that make you feel really good in your body and are more resilient against illness, injury, and stress. You also need to up your self-care game so you feel nourished and satisfied on the busiest, craziest days.

I know because these are the habits that create the foundation of my own Conscious Healthy Mama life.

These habits are the ones that keep me healthy and strong. These are the habits that help me simplify my busy mom life so I feel less overwhelmed and more grounded. These are the habits that remind me to create daily actions that I deeply enjoy so that I don’t get so lost in the trenches of motherhood that I forget myself.

These habits are the ESSENTIALS.


This is what you will learn how to do in 6 weeks…

Your Conscious Healthy Mama Essentials are:

Week 1: Ayurveda 101 for the Modern Mama: Learn the Basics of Ayurveda to Understand & Connect to the Natural Rhythms of the World


Week 2: Delicious, Drama-Free Meals: Simple Tools for Making Meal Time Healthier and Easier (plus a thorough recipe book with meal suggestions everyone will love)


Week 3: Create Your Own Home Yoga Practice: An easy, practical system for creating your own home yoga or movement practice


Week 4: Mindful Mama: Tried and True Grounding Practices to Clear and Calm Your Mind


Week 5: Manage Your Energy Not Your Time: Learn how to Use the Cycles of the Day to Improve Your Energy and Help You Get Shit Done without Making You Feel Crazed.


Week 6: Self-Care Calendar: Uplevel Your Self-Care Standards by Creating Your Ideal Self-Care Practices and Learn How to Best Integrate Them Into Your Life


You’ll Receive All Kinds of Support Along the Way:

Weekly Audio Lessons via Podcast and a Handy e-book to help you follow along

Weekly Assignments to Keep You Motivated, Curious, and Creative

Weekly Coaching Support

Weekly Yoga Classes to Inspire Your Own Practice and also JUST FOR FUN!

24/7 Mama Community Support via private facebook group

And as a BONUS when you join the Essentials program, you’ll have complete access to my CONSCIOUS HEALTHY COLLECTIVE yoga and self-care community. So you’ll have the opportunity to take 3 yoga classes with me each week, plus look through the archives for a class that suits your exact needs!

The Essentials program will teach you how to:

  • Understand your own personal constitution and how to use that knowledge to greater vitality and health
  • Spend less time in the kitchen while still making healthy, delicious meals to satisfy your entire family
  • Create a daily home yoga or movement practice tailored to your needs (because let’s face it, are you really going to yoga class or the gym every single day?)
  • Build simple techniques for mindfulness in your everyday life so you can minimize stress and increase your calm
  • Manage your energy so your to-do list gets smaller, not bigger
  • Create daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly self-care practices that nourish your body, mind, and soul

At the end of 6 weeks in this program, you will feel:

    • Healthier and stronger
    • More grounded, calm, and centered
    • Connected to your joy

At the end of 6 weeks, you will have:

  • More control over your time and energy instead of your to-do list controlling you.
  • Tools to help you simplify your busy life and to help you enjoy your life even more.
  • A renewed ability to parent without depletion because you will be meeting your own needs more consistently.
  • A community of fellow mamas, in the trenches with you and aiming for the same goals of less overwhelm and more joy.

I know what you’re thinking…

You have a busy life. How could you possibly fit one more thing in without feeling completely swamped? Your kids need your attention, your life is demanding — in the scheme of things, is this program really that important?

Short answer: YES.

Your needs are as important as those of your kids. YOU are as important as your kids, your job, your responsibilities, your relationships. You are as valuable as the other important parts of your life. If you don’t give yourself some attention now, when will you? There will always be an excuse to not take the time to prioritize your health or happiness. There will always be reasons you can come up with to continue to bypass your own needs.

It is time to advocate for your own needs and for your own self-care.

meditation myths busted

I want to help you be a voice for your healthy future and for your commitment to leading by example so your kids have a role model for their own exceptional self-care.

What you’ll be investing in yourself:

Make no mistake, this program is an investment.

It’s an investment of your time. It’s an investment of your energy. It’s an investment of your money. Most of all, it’s an investment in your BELIEF IN YOURSELF.

By choosing to do this program, you are choosing to acknowledge that you are worth every penny, every second, every ounce of your energy that you spend on this.


The investment you will make is a one-time payment of $297 or 3 payments of $127

You will get everything listed above. The audio recordings, the e-book, the weekly coaching circle, and 24-hour support via private Facebook group, plus individual coaching calls with me as you need them.

And as I mentioned, you’ll also have AUTOMATIC ACCESS to my Conscious Healthy Collective yoga membership as a gift for joining this program.

You will have a lifetime membership in the Conscious Healthy Mama Collective, meaning the recordings of the coaching circles and the yoga classes will be yours always.

You will have the group support in the facebook group as long as you want it. And I will always be there for you whenever you need support. Your future matters to me as much as your present.

I realize that $297 isn’t pocket change. It’s a big investment. Believe me, I understand that every dollar counts when you have kids.

I believe this program is worth it if it can help you manage the daily crazy of motherhood by creating routines, practices, and habits that create calm, enjoyment, and satisfaction.

Is this really for you? Good question.

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You are rarely stressed out
  • The thought of making dinner, again, doesn’t make you break out in cold sweats.
  • You have a rocking home yoga/movement/workout practice that totally satisfies you.
  • You feel calm, well-rested, clear, and entirely in control of your life
  • You have loads of time in your life to do things “just for you” and you do those magnificent YOU activities all of the time.
  • If you’re not interested in doing the hard work of transformation and you are happy to stay just as you are, even if you’re not 100% happy with your life.

If this sounds like you, read no further. 


However, you might need this program if:

  • You always feel like you are two steps behind and you can’t catch up
  • Dinnertime is frantic and stressful.
  • You’re super curious about Ayurveda and how it can benefit your daily life.
  • You have no idea how to do yoga or exercise at home
  • You feel disconnected, stressed out, overwhelmed, and cranky more often than not.
  • You don’t remember the last time you did something just for you.
  • You’re willing to do the hard work of transformation because you are tired of going in circles and ready to live the life you deserve.

If this description hits a little closer to home, I know for certain that the Conscious Healthy Mama Essentials can help.

Are you ready to become a
Conscious Healthy Mama?

If the answer is YES and I hope it is, join today!

We begin on April 20th. the sooner you sign up, the sooner you get access to all of the yoga classes in the Conscious Healthy Collective archive and start giving your body a whole lotta love.

If you’re on the fence and have some questions, let’s chat so I can answer whatever questions you might have to uncover whether or not this program will help you achieve your big self-care goals.

I believe this program is worth it if it can help you manage the daily crazy of motherhood by creating routines, practices, and habits that create calm, enjoyment, and satisfaction.