Prenatal Yoga Favorites Thank You

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Thanks for signing up to receive my Prenatal Yoga Favorites Series!

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I am so excited for you to get on your yoga mat so you can start moving your growing and glowing mom bod.

Right now, I’d love for you to do these 3 things to make sure you’ll get everything you need from me:

✓ I’ll be sending you emails with the yoga videos from this series, so please make sure is marked as one of your favorites in your email so you don’t miss anything.

I’d hate for you to miss out on the videos just because the email got lost in spam or your promotions folder.

✓ Join my facebook group, the Conscious Healthy Community, where I hang out everyday with a growing group of badass, revolutionary women who are there to rewrite the story of what healthy motherhood looks and feels like.

In this group we support one another in transforming how we take care of ourselves in our bodies, our lives, our relationships, and our communities.

I go live with a quick yoga practice once a week, too! The women in this group are amazing and inspiring. I love having conversations with them and I think you’d dig it, too.

 ✓ If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel, head on over there to do that, too. I share weekly free yoga classes geared towards moms, pregnant and not, to support them at all stages of motherhood. I also share weekly tips for health, wellness, self-care, and motherhood.

(and if you know anyone else who needs this, send them this link to get my favorites, too!)

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Now go check your email!

You’ve got some yoga waiting for you in your inbox!