babywearing workout for hips and shoulders

Babywearing Workout for Hips and Shoulders

August 5, 2021

Have you ever tried doing a workout while wearing your baby or toddler?

Let me rephrase:

Have you ever desperately wanted to move your body but your kid kept crying every time you put her down?

Thankfully, my kids didn’t do this too much. I have also trained my kids to understand and respect my need for morning movement. And for the most part, all 3 of my kids are pretty decent at giving me the time i need to move in the morning without complaint.

But when they’re littler, it’s harder. They’re still learning that when mommy is on her mat, she’s going to stay there unless it’s an emergency like explosive poop or you ate something you weren’t supposed to or someone is bleeding.

Every so often, my littlest, who is not quite 2, will still get a little fussy and demand I lift her when I’d rather be lifting weights.

When that happens, I do this workout. Or some version of it.

I strap her to my body (yes, all 20+ pounds of her) and get moving.

Is it ideal?


Is it better than quitting my workout?

200% better.

Plus, it’s fun to add a little extra weight to my workout, creating a different sort of challenge for my body. Trying to figure out ways to move while wearing a moveable weight vest is good for my brain AND my body, too.

You game to try?

Not a mom? Not a problem.

Anyone can do this practice. It’s geared towards moms because I am a mom and definitely intended for moms who like to wear their babies and toddlers.

However, you could do this entire workout without a baby or a toddler strapped to your body and still have a good time.
And of course, please feel free to share this video with anyone you know who could benefit from a quick, fun movement practice.

I hope you enjoy this one!

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