yoga with a toddler

Yoga with a Toddler

June 11, 2021

Have you ever tried to do yoga with a toddler?

If you’re a mom and you practice yoga, I’m guessing you have. And probably it’s less that you’ve tried and more that your toddler has plopped herself on your mat when you’re in the middle of a sun salutation — usually plank. So you’re stuck there sweating, while they smile up at you. It’s cute. And also…sometimes not.

The funny/annoying thing about kids and yoga is that they often want to practice with you when you want personal space.

And when you have a plan and invite them onto your mat, they could care less.

I know this sounds like I’m saying, “why bother?” but what I’m actually saying is that you just need to learn how to roll with it. You also need to make sure you have tools to support you when your kids are in the mood. Even if that mood only lasts 5 minutes.

Nettie and I collaborated on a 10-minute “mommy and me” practice geared towards upper body strength and hip mobility.

This is a great practice to have in your yoga mom toolbox to help during those times your kids really want to do yoga with you.

We have fun in this practice — and she also ditches me at one point and does her own thing for awhile, because that’s what toddlers do.

If you want to do yoga with a toddler, you will enjoy this practice.

Not a mom with toddlers? No problem. You could get creative and use your pup if they’re small and willing. Or you could use a stuffed animal and use your imagination (mostly kidding on this one…but it could be fun).

Or, you could share it with a mom you know who has a toddler and loves yoga.

I hope you enjoy this one!

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