core work doesn't have to be boring

Core Work Shouldn’t Be Boring

April 14, 2021

When you hear a teacher say, “today we’re doing core work,” what poses do you expect to do?

My guess is that you think, “oh great, a world of plank pose awaits.” Or maybe, “I hate sit-ups.”

This has definitely happened to me almost every time I’ve been in this situation. I always hope that I’ll be wrong and we won’t do an endless series of knee-to-elbow planks, but I rarely am.

Core work doesn’t have to be boring.

Core work can be fun, exciting, and unusual.

Core work can also easily fit into a standard movement-based yoga class, without having to call it a core class. That’s because you can add a core component to almost any pose or sequence. Your core muscles are housed in the very center or your body, which connects to everything else.

It’s not about squeezing or tightening or engaging. When you move in certain ways, your core muscles will automatically turn on. When you balance on one leg, for example, your core muscles activate to help you try to balance.

Even when it comes to a flow practice, your core plays a huge role. Flow isn’t just about choreography; flow is about moving through transitions skillfully and with control. This is what core stability and mobility is all about.

Transitions are key because the connection between one pose to another relies on your core supporting you through those movements.

When you get stuck in the idea that core work looks like a certain thing, 2 things happen.

First, you don’t recognize your core working in “non-typical” core poses.

Second, you get bored with what you assume are your only options.

This is why I created my CORE CONNECTION Challenge. I wanted to show that core work can be fun and functional with 5 days of creative, out-of-the-box core work and habit science. Not a single sit-up or plank pose for miles.

We’ll go through the basics of core strength, stability, and mobility while learning simple ways to implement these practices on a daily basis for the longterm. We begin with a kick-off party on April 18th where I’ll share basic core anatomy terms, answer questions, and talk about simple actions to support your core. 5 days of core work is April 19-23.

All of this for just $11

Want to learn more and save your spot? Click here.

Want to join AND sponsor someone who can’t afford to purchase this 5-day event? Click here.

Tight on funds? No questions asked. Email me directly at naomi at conscioushealthymama dot com

I hope you’ll join me for my Core Connection Challenge! We’re going to have fun.

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