December 16, 2020

When I lived in New York City, December was my favorite month. It was bitterly cold and windy and it rarely snowed in December. None of that mattered to me, though because the city got extra fancy during December.

Almost every business had lights decorating their storefront. Trees throughout the city were dressed up in lights. And there was an incredible holiday market in Union Square that had tents of unique artisans, small shops, and hot cocoa. 

New York City in December was magical and it’s one of the few things I miss about living in NYC.

Growing up Jewish, I didn’t quite have as much access to holiday spirit in the traditional sense. I always felt torn between Jewish pride and loving cheesy Christmas movies.

Until Adam Sandler came along with his Chanukah songs, I was stuck with songs that felt more appropriate for toddlers and traditions that felt like sloppy seconds to Christmas (sorry y’all — a Hanukkah bush is not a thing).

Living in NYC during December allowed me to enjoy the holiday season because while it still felt Christmas-y, it was more like a living representation of holiday spirit.

Everyone seemed to be happier and shinier, ignoring the cold to hang out at night with the lights and with each other.

The holiday season is more different this year than ever before, especially in places like NYC.

I no longer live in New York, but my heart hurts for how different the city probably feels this season.

How different we all feel this season.

In that light, I want to bring a little holiday spirit to you.

This Friday, I’m leading a live online yoga class — Holidayasana — full of silly, cheesy holiday awesomeness. We’ll do light the menorah pose, candy cane pose, christmatseyandrasana, and hanumanukkah (thanks to Sommer and Paul for that last one).

All levels are welcome.

And if I can figure out how to simultaneously play holiday music while teaching on zoom, I’ll use my beloved holiday yoga playlist while I teach!

Class is at 1pm ET, 60ish minutes long, and will be recorded if you can’t attend live, but want to watch the replay.

The cost is $10. 

You can save your spot here.

Also, for those with kids, Milly created a brand new yoga practice full of holiday favorites geared towards kids ages 5-9. She’d love to share it with your yoga-loving littles.

Watch it below:

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