Headstand for Beginners

June 16, 2019

Headstand is one of the most commonly practiced poses in yoga, especially for inversions. Unfortunately, it’s not always well taught or explained. In this headstand for beginners practice, I’ll lay the foundation for a strong, steady, and supported headstand so you can practice this pose with more confidence and ease.

In this class I’ll teach you the basics of headstand.

You’ll learn how to place your hands and arms in the more stable and effective way to support you when you’re upside down.

I’ll show you a simple 3 step process for getting up into headstand. I’ll also give you ways to build strength along the way until you’re ready to go further.

You’ll learn how you can use props to give yourself a little boost if and when you need it!

Basically, I’ll give you everything you need to know so that you can practice headstand on your own at home or when you go to a yoga class.

Use this headstand for beginners practice to confidently add headstand to your yoga toolbox!

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