How to Practice Headstand Safely

June 9, 2019

Do you know how to practice headstand safely? Were you ever taught what actions and poses will best prep your body for headstand? What about what you need to be able to do before attempting headstand?

My guess is that these things aren’t covered in your regular weekly yoga class. I created this video so that you’d have the basics for practicing headstand safely at home, as well as on your mat in class.

This 20 minute sequence will give you some strong shoulder work, core work, hamstrings, and balancing, before you attempt headstand. Then I’ll walk you through the basic foundation of headstand. I’ll also teach you the best way to get into and out of the pose safely.

Learn how to practice headstand safely so you feel more confident the next time you try it!

Want to spend an entire month working on your headstand? Join me in my Conscious Healthy Collective online yoga studio for 12 yoga classes geared towards getting stronger and more confident in headstand! Get half off your first month using the code HEADSTAND.

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