Vegan BLT

May 14, 2019

Full disclosure: my husband is the one who initially came up with this Vegan BLT sandwich. Truthfully, it’s not really my thing. I’ve never eaten bacon, vegan or otherwise, in my entire life.

However, when he asked me to help him out because there is nothing he loves less than cooking, I acquiesced. He swears my version is even better than his. Maybe that’s because I make it with love. Or maybe he’s a better cook than he thinks he is.

You can be the judge!

Vegan BLT

Makes 1 sandwich


2 slices of bread

2 shmears of vegan mayo

2 slices of vegan cheese

2-3 slices of vegan bacon (we use Upton Naturals Seitan Bacon)

2 slices of tomato, halved

3 pieces of lettuce

salt and pepper to taste

pickle for garnish


Get everything all set out and ready because the bacon cooks really quickly and you’ll want to assemble as soon as it’s cooked.

To cook the bacon, add a very small amount of oil to a pan — I use my cast iron, but any pan will do just fine. Place the bacon strips in the pan. Once it starts to sizzle, flip the bacon to the other side. To get an even cook, I flip every 30 seconds or so until the bacon looks crispy.

Here’s how I do it:

1. Set out the 2 slices of bread side by side.

2. Slather on the mayo as thickly or thinly as you like your mayo. Then, add a dash of salt and pepper to one of the mayo-ed pieces of bread.

3. Place one slice of cheese on each slice of bread with mayo. On top of the cheese, add the tomato halves.

4. Now add your strips bacon.

5. Finally, add the lettuce on the other piece of bread and smoosh the 2 sides of the sandwich together.

Eat this bad boy (or girl) immediately! My husband loves his with a pickle, another of my not-favorite foods. No matter what you garnish with, enjoy this simple and quick sandwich!


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