Stand Up From Sitting Without Using Your Hands

April 15, 2019

Do you know how to stand up from sitting without using your hands?

If you don’t, this is an important skill that is worth learning and way easier than you think.

Numerous studies have been done indicating that the ability to stand up from sitting without using your hands is an indicator for longevity.

If you can stand up and sit back down on the floor without using your hands, odds are you will live longer.

In this quick yoga video, I’ll show you simple steps for standing up and sitting back down without using your hands to help you.

Doing this will increase your hip mobility and leg strength.

You’ll also create more resilience in your body as you age.

Once you get a little bit more comfortable with this action, you can practice it anytime. Use this on your yoga mat or off to improve your health, wellness, and body awareness.

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