How to do Wheel Pose

November 26, 2018

Are you wanting to learn Wheel Pose or even find out how to master it?  Check out my online yoga class where you will learn how to do Wheel Pose and incorporate it in your practice.  #wheelpose #yoga #yogamom

In this yoga practice, I show you the basics of how to do wheel pose. I give you 5 poses you can do to prepare for wheel pose, when you’re short on time. I also show you the basic actions of how to do wheel pose with more power and purpose.

Most people tend to think wheel pose is about having lots of upper body strength or being really bendy.

Wheel pose is actually about knowing where your power is and using it skillfully.

In this practice you’ll learn how to do wheel pose by using your legs more effectively. You’ll also learn how to maximize your arm and shoulder strength to push up more easily.

If you are newer to wheel pose, this is a great video to give you the basics of the form and actions.

If you are familiar with wheel pose, this is a great video to help you overcome some of your wheel pose obstacles.

And if you love wheel pose and you want to know which 5 poses you should do to warm up faster, you’ll love this video, too!

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