Fancy Avocado Toast

March 23, 2018

You might not know this about me, but I have an avocado obsession.

Avocados are my very favorite food, only sharing this title every summer when cherries are in season.

I love avocados. They are the perfect food. Creamy, fatty, full of protein, green…what’s not to like?

I’ve been adding avocado to everything for about 15 years because everything is made better with a little avocado.

So naturally, I’ve been doing the avocado toast thing for a long time. Before hipsters made it a thing. Before instagram made it a thing. Avocado toast has been my thing.

It’s my go-to snack when I am too lazy to make dinner.

It’s also my favorite breakfast when I’m on the road and don’t have my vitamix (easier to find avocados and good bread than it is to travel with a large piece of kitchen equipment).

Even my kids love avocado toast (although Archer mostly sucks the avocado off the top of the bread, but that’s the best part, so I get it).

A few weeks ago, I had an abundance of gorgeous watermelon radishes in my CSA that I didn’t know what to do with. I mean, one watermelon radish I can certainly figure out. I even have a recipe already here.

6 watermelon radishes, on the other hand, felt trickier. So I asked facebook what to do and got lots of wonderful suggestions, but the best by far was to add thinly sliced watermelon radishes to avocado toast.


In addition to watermelon radishes on watermelon toast, here are 3 other ways you can gussy up your avocado toast, if you need a little more variety in your life.

  1. Avocado Toast with Thinly Sliced Watermelon Radishes and a little sea salt
  2. Avocado Toast with Seaweed (I promise, delicious. If you like seaweed, which I do)
  3. Avocado Toast with Grated Carrot and a dash of smoked paprika
  4. Avocado Toast with Sauerkraut
  5. Avocado Toast with Thinly Sliced Cucumber and a little sea salt
  6. Deluxe Avocado Toast: Any combination of the above listed. Deluxe version pictured above is a combo of radishes, seaweed, and grated carrots.

What is your favorite Avocado Toast? I want to try it! Let me know in the comments so I can add it to my repertoire and this list!

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