Music and Lyrics: Week 1

September 14, 2012

Due to popular request, I’ll be posting the song I’m featuring each week in class, plus the lyrics which inspire the narrative for our practices and give energetic shape to asanas.

The song this week is “Awake My Soul” by Mumford and Sons, one of my very favorite bands to emerge on the folk-rock -banjo lovin’ scene in the past few years.

The lyrics which have so deeply moved me and which continue to rattle through my brain every so often during days in which I question my purpose in life, which is often enough are:

“In these bodies we live/in these bodies we die,

Where you invest your love/you invest your life.”

Essentially they are singing about this very fundamental concept we face every day.  That in this small window of time in which we inhabit these bodies and experience these lives, what we do matters.  Specifically, where we choose to anchor our hearts determines the expression and direction our lives will take.  Our lives actually become an expression of the loe we root into.

Nothing could be more important than this.

It’s not a casual or accidental choice.  The decision to anchor into love brings brings more purpose, power and intention to every action that arises from it.  What, where, who we choose to invert our hearts in allows us to live more fully and more richly because the choice to do so is not mere happenstance, but one made with care and clarity of purpose.

Where do you invest your love?  From what place does your life really begin?

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