5 Ways to Become a Blockbuster ~ Detonating Samscara

June 9, 2011

Definition: Blockbuster (blŏk’bus’tər), noun.

1. A thing of great power or size, in particular

2. A movie, book, or other product that is expected to be a great commercial success AND/OR is a great commercial success

3. One that engages in the practice of blockbusting

What makes a movie a blockbuster?  Big stars, big budgets, big special effects and big reputations on the line.  These can be thrilling in their potential, but also their huge opportunity to not live up to the hype.

So I’ve redefined “blockbuster” for more palatable, every day purposes.  I like the idea of a blockbuster being something or even someone, who busts through blockages in our consciousness kind of like Draino in those animated plumbing commercials.  Whether it’s indecision or clogged pipes that are crowding your every day life, a blockbuster stops at nothing to clear the path.

Sounds good, right?

So be a blockbuster.

Here’s how:

  1. Invest in what matters.  Hollywood does this, often to cinematic success (although sometimes they bank on the wrong combo of stars and the chemistry isn’t there, but thats a whole other blog).  You matter.  So invest in yourself.
    Think of this step as the crucial process to motivating yourself to do what most inspires you.  When you commit to something with your money or even allocated time, we usually aren’t committing casually.  So when you set aside time or funds, you are saying, “this action is important to me.”
  2. Make a plan.  I know…so very anti-summer to plan.  But the better I get at organizing myself and structuring my “working” time, the more I get done.  Which means I have more time to read the book that’s been on my list forever.  Go figure.
  3. Be innovative.  This is key.  Some movie blockbusters follow a formula or are part of a successful franchise and they will be successful based on what comes before.  But some of the greatest blockbusters are ones that are a little left of center, marching to the beat of their own drum (Back to the Future– a surprise summer hit and still totally classic that built itself into a franchise.  crazy…)
    So experiment a little… try a new class, a new yoga teacher or try a home practice!  Try running on a different day on a different trail.  Take a pottery class.  Fly on the trapeze.  Go to a ballroom class with your beloved.  The options are endless, which means your blockbusting potential is exponential!
  4. Use the Buddy System.  We are always more powerful in groups (unless you’re Tom Hanks in Castaway and then you’re Tom Hanks, so already you have fewer problems).  Peer pressure, when it comes to blockbusting, can be a phenomenal motivator.  Our friends keep us honest, so when we are likely to fall back into our old rhythms and patterns that have clogged the bathtub of promise so to speak, not wanting to ditch our plans will bust those clogs to bits.
  5. Learn the word “Yes.”  Sometimes saying “No” is also saying “Yes.”  But be conscious of whether you say no more frequently.  Think of what you are saying yes to, when you decline.  Decide then and there if the no is holding you back or opening a door to something else better…Now go out there, engage in the act of blockbusting and maximize your box-office potential!

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