Yoga for Healthy Shoulders

Thank you for purchasing my Yoga for Healthy Shoulders series.

This is a 5 week course with 8 videos and I lead you through it strategically from beginning to end, one video of exercises each week. The exercises are progressive within each video, so the first exercise is usually the most accessible.

Same is true for the videos themselves. Each video builds on the one that came before. So Video 5 and 6 (bonus video 1) are the most complex, while my favorites and video one are the least complex.

However, if you want to DIY this series and do the videos in your own time, I’ve made all of the videos available here. This way, you can find them easily all in one place and choose when you practice them. Or you can pick and choose the videos and exercises which support you the best and do those more than the ones that don’t. This way, you get to decide.

I’ll also be updating this page when I add new material in the form of videos or photos, so make sure you have this page bookmarked so you can access whenever you need it!