Class 1:
17-Minute Shoulder Relief Yoga

This is my go-to shoulder relief yoga practice. I share the simple action I do to I create more shoulder mobility without straining my shoulder joints. And I also share my favorite poses to help ease strain and stress in your shoulder/neck corridor. When I have a shoulder injury or neck injury or general shoulder/neck pain, these are the basic poses I practice to feel relief.

Class 2:
16-Minute Practice for Hip Strength and Mobility

In this mellow practice, you’ll do some hamstrings, core, and shoulders before going up into headstand. Then, we’ll wind back down with some chill shoulders and a supine poses.

Make sure you leave some time at the end for a good lengthy savasana.

Class 3:
19-Minute Shoulder Strength and Stability Class

In this class, you’ll work with blocks to create some strength and stability in your shoulders as you work towards the focus pose of the class, Purvottanasana.

Class 4:
38-Minute Shoulder Love Class

In this yoga class, you’re going to use ALL OF YOUR PROPS to help your shoulders and upper body feel amazing.

You will need 2 blankets, 2 blocks, 1 belt, and one ball (I use a lacrosse ball, but most people use tennis balls)