Prenatal Yoga Favorites

Thank you for choosing to check out my Prenatal Yoga Favorites series.

This series of 6 videos will show you which poses I loved to practice during all 3 of my pregnancies, as well as a little bit about why they are so beneficial.

You’ll also get 3 BONUS videos with some poses to help give your lower back and upper back some relief, as well as a fun, 12 -minute flow when you’re feeling like you have a little more energy and time to move your body.

These poses and practices are great for all stages of your pregnancy, so you can practice them from your first trimester through your third.

When you have a little more time, you can also mix and match, putting 2 or 3 of the practices together to get an even more well-rounded practice in!

I hope you enjoy these quick practices throughout your pregnancy and that they support your badass yoga mom bod as much as they supported mine.

If you have any questions or need support from me, please reach out to me at

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