power of one

There’s never really enough time, is there?

I mean, it definitely feels that way, right?

You want to get to the yoga studio for a class, but it just doesn’t fit into your busy schedule. So you try to do some yoga at home, but you only have a few minutes and it doesn’t feel like enough.

So instead of doing a quick yoga practice that you know could give your body a much needed boost, you decide it’s not worth it. So you just do a quick scroll on facebook which turns into a long scroll on facebook and you’re wondering where the time went.
And your body is still stiff and sore.


What if there was a better way?

What if you allowed yourself to do the smallest amount possible instead of saying it’s not enough?

And what if by doing small, simple, consistent actions, you could lay the foundation for bigger, more sustainable practices?

That’s what the Power of One Challenge will do.

here's how it will work

In this 7-day challenge, it’s about as simple as you can get.

You’ll do 1 yoga pose, 1 minute of meditation, and set 1 intention everyday for 7 days.

You could just join me online on instagram, using the hashtag #powerofonechallenge but if you sign up, you can get some sweet daily bonuses to help encourage and support you during the challenge.

You’ll get a daily email with a video of the pose of the day, a simple way to meditate, and a suggestion for how to set your intention.

Everyday for 7 days.

1 yoga pose.

1 minute of meditation.

1 intention.

Easy peasy down dog squeezy.

power of one challenge

This 7-day challenge will transform how you choose to take care of yourself.

If you’re used to saying no to yourself because you feel like there’s no time or you’re too busy, get ready to start saying yes.

It’s really hard to say no to 1 pose or 1 minute or 1 single intention.

I want to show you that the best way to start new habits can be super easy and sustainable.

Even the smallest actions can have a huge impact.

When you make it as small as you possible, it’s way easier to build in bigger or longer practices over time.

By laying a small and mighty foundation of self-care you create the opportunity for powerful, positive habits to follow.

It’s simple, effective, and smart.

And if you follow the steps I lay out for you, it’s really hard to fail.

So are you in?

Are you ready to recommit to yourself in the simplest ways possible?

Do you have 1 minute to do yoga, to close your eyes, and to set an intention?

If you do, click on the link below and join me for 7-days of  reclaiming your time and redesigning how you take care of yourself one pose, one minute, and one intention at a time.