Class 1:
15-Minute Dynamic Standing Core Flow

In this energizing practice, you’ll play with balance and core stability. You’ll move into and out of the balancing poses in creative ways, finding new insights into what actions you need to access your balance. This is a quick, fun, unusual practice that will get your blood pumping, your body moving, and your face smiling.

Class 2:
16-Minute Dynamic Practice for Vitality

In this class, you’ll wake up your body with some very dynamic movement. You’ll build onto that initial movement with some active upper body work. Then you’ll do some flows incorporating shoulder, quads, and hips. You’ll probably sweat a little! Finally, you’ll build it all up into wheel pose at the end. This one will definitely energize your body and get you ready for the day!

Class 3:
35-Minute Flow to Crow

In this yoga class, you’ll flow through a progressive sequence full of side body, twists, and core work that will lead you to crow pose.

Class 4:
47-Minute Yoga Class for Inner Strength

In this yoga practice, we start our focus on side body stretching for the month of November. This particular practice is about learning to access your own inner strength during particularly challenging times or life transitions. The poses we focus on in this class are eagle pose and half moon. You’ll practice the shapes of both eagle and half moon before doing them as balancing poses. Then you’ll get into half moon from a few different and unusual ways. It’s a really fun practice with a strong focus on stability and staying centered, even when things in life knock you off balance. ***you’ll need at least one block and a blanket for this class