Core Strength and Balance YOGA CLASS BUNDLE

Class 1:
15-Minute Energizing Core Flow

In this energizing practice, you’ll play with balance and core stability. You’ll move into and out of the balancing poses in creative ways, finding new insights into what actions you need to access your balance. This is a quick, fun, unusual practice that will get your blood pumping, your body moving, and your face smiling.

Class 2:
16-Minute Side Body Core Balancing Class

In this practice, you’ll flow through a progressive series of standing poses. Some sneaky core strength in this one.

The flow will definitely wake you up and keep you on your toes.

Have fun!

Class 3:
32-Minute Dynamic Core Flow

In this class, you’ll play with the idea that in order to feel light, you have to first root down. You’ll start with some low to the ground core work. Then, you’ll do a flow to wake up your hammies and help you create some leg strength and balance. Then, you’ll use a block to work endurance in your legs and core in warrior 1, triangle, and half moon pose.

Class 4:
30-Minute Shoulders and Core POWER Class

In this yoga class, you’ll do lots of core work to support your big lift off in purvottanasana. You’ll do so much core work, in fact, that you’ll add an extra element of challenge to purvottanasana! Make sure you have 2 blocks to give yourself a little extra lift. You’ll be glad you did.