Conscious Healthy Pregnancy

Welcome to the Conscious Healthy Pregnancy Program.

In this program, I’ll share with you yoga practices and meditations that will support you through your entire pregnancy, as well as help prepare your body for labor and delivery and the postpartum period that follows.

The yoga videos are organized by Trimester.

That said all of the practices should be perfectly fine at any stage of your pregnancy.

You might need to modify slightly or slow down as your pregnancy progresses, which is totally normal. To support you through these transitions, I’ve also provided a “What to Expect on Your Yoga Mat” video for each trimester. These videos will give you an idea of what to expect physically during that trimester, as well as some ways to support your body using modifications in certain types of poses.

You’ll also receive an intro video for each trimester, giving you an idea of the practices you’ll be doing.

You do not have to do the videos in any particular order. Instead, I’ve indicated for each video what area of your body you’ll be focusing on, as well as the energy level of the class (higher energy or lower energy). This way you can pick and choose which video to practice based on your needs.

As always, please check-in with your primary care giver (doctor or midwife) in regards to the health of your body and your baby before beginning this program.

While these videos and the poses in them are absolutely safe through all stages of pregnancy, there are certain prenatal conditions that might prevent you from certain actions. 

If something doesn’t feel right at any point during one of these practices, pause for a few moments and check-in with your body. Don’t push yourself through any pain or discomfort. Listen to your body and treat her well.


17-Minute Basics Class

20-Minute Strength & Balance Class

20-Minute Shoulder Relief

17-Minute Dynamic Flow

18-Minute Mellow Class

10-Minute Meditation


20-Minute Squats Practice

23-Minute Strength & Balance

24-Minute Arm Strength Class

26-Minute Shoulder Flow

27-Minute Mellow Class

10-Minute Meditation


18-Minute Side Body Stretching

20-Minute Balance Class

20-Minute Low Back Support

22-Minute Gentle Backbends

25-Minute Seated Poses

8-Minute Meditation


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